MUVMNT Dance Day Celebration is OFFICIAL!

20/20 is known as "Perfect Vision" however the year 2020 brought our nation a lot of haziness, blurred lines, and division amongst us all.  Well, Art Thru Muvmnt has always been known to "Strive For UNITY Within The CommUNITY By Offering OpportUNITY With Dance Workshops, Masterclasses, And Events".  There was some uncertainty if we would be hosting an event this year due to the nature of the pandemic.  After emails and personal touches with previous attendees asking, we are happy to announce that "National Dance Day" (which is no longer the last saturday of July) will now be known as MUVMNT Dance Day Celebration.  This day is dedicated to all dancers, far and near, to be embodied, empowered, and embraced by each other.  We "Strive for UNITY" by offering an environment with challenging choreographers that will train, educate, and encourage every single dancer on the dance floor to be the best dancer THEY can be.  During dance season/ competition season, it's always about being better than someone else.  At conventions, you wear a number and you push yourself to be the #1 dancer in that room.  (Please don't get me wrong, I understand wanting to be the best.)  We have pride ourselves that the room we are in for our events, the other dancers we are surrounded by, the dance floor we are sharing, and the overall experience we offer is as if we are one big family.  There are no more studio versus studio, group versus group, or dancer versus dancer.  This is how we continue to 

"Strive For UNITY Within The CommUNITY By Offering OpportUNITY."

© 2013 Art Thru Muvmnt