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Let's Meet The Choreographers


Daquarius Sherrod-Cuffee is a 23 year old Movement artist originally from Portsmouth, VA, currently residing in Chesapeake, VA and is a force to be reckoned with.  He is not a part of any local crews or companies, but feels blessed enough to be a part of an LA based artistic development/training company known as "Motus The Company" and train with the likes of Diana Matos, Poppin Pete, Ivan Koumaev, Ysabelle Capitule, Ejoe, Rich & Tone Talauega, and many more.  His blessings continue as he shares his artistry with the students at Denise Walls in Virginia Beach, VA while also working for FedEx Ground.

When asked the question, "How long have you been dancing?", he has always told people "I was one of those kids that just could not, for the life of me, resist the urge to dance."  Dance is a feeling that can be pursued at any point in ones life, which he was ready to explore as a career at the age of 17.  After his first ballet private lesson in April 2016, he never looked back keeping his eyes focused on the bright future ahead of him.  Over the years, he has trained in many genres of dance, but his top 3 are Hip Hop, Popping, and Dancehall!  

Welcome to the Family,
Daquarius Sherrod-Cuffee

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