Let's Meet The Choreographers

jessica trimble

Tony "Paranoia Boi" Dortch is a silly, costume-wearing, arrow-stepping, Florida-born, Virginia local.

His love for dance started as a young child mimicking Michael Jackson videos & performing for family events. 

As a lover of Video Games as well as dancing, he became an avid Dance/Rhythm Gamer. Competing in "Dance Dance Revolution" and "Pump It Up" tournaments all over the country. In 2016, he went on to become a National Champion and competed in the World Tournament in Indonesia, Representing Team USA.

In 2007 he discovered the world of Anime Conventions and Cosplay (Costume Roleplay) and decided that it would be a fun and great idea to dance as various characters from Video Games, Anime, Comics & Pop Culture. Combining all things he love.

Welcome to the Family, Jessica Trimble