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MUVMNT DANCE DAY 2022 was an amazing day of dance, sweat, emotions, joy, challenging choreography, and UNITY!!  This years event featured a Contemporary headliner along with local choreographers showcasing Afro/Dancehall, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theater, and Commercial Jazz.  We were graced with  the reunion of MUVMNT family members from previous events as well as blessed to meet new faces and welcome them to the FAMILY!  Every dancer came in with energy, enthusiasm, and ready to take on the day!  


Daquarius LIT the first class with his unique Afro/Dancehall choreography.  For some dancers, this was their first time experiencing this style and walked away, drenched in sweat but pumped for conquering the class.


Laura was up next with contemporary, challenging the dancers to slow their momentum down and control their MUVMNT.  Grace and Poise was displayed thru her choreography.


Before lunch break, Melissa took the dancers to funky town with her commercial jazz choreography.  From the warm up to MUVMNT, the dancers were ready!!  At this moment, I would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa for opening her studio doors for MUVMNT DANCE DAY and our local dance community.  She was also the connection to Katee who then connected us to Arielle!  


After lunch, Jalyn had the class hitting the intricacies of the beats and then the flow of the vocals in her hip hop class.  Without giving the long backstory of our history together, I am super proud of the dancer/choreographer/woman she has become.  


Jessica had the class having so much fun and vibing to her choreography as we watched the dancers "ease on down the road".  This year was the first year we featured a musical theater class and will definitely have it in future events.


Lastly, an emotional ending to our day, our headliner; Arielle Elonys, had the dancers and observers in their feels.  It's one thing to be able to teach a dancer to be vulnerable.  It's another thing to be able to teach that dancer to be vulnerable and to display emotions Thru MUVMNT.  Thru Arielle's contemporary choreography, the ROOM (which includes dancers and observers) connected in UNITY, physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually! Arielle didn't just teach MUVMNT, she taught individual kinetic energy with words of inspiration and motivation. An observer came up to me after her class and asked "Where did you find this gem?"

The compliments of this years MUVMNT DANCE DAY makes my heart full and gives me affirmation of why we have this day!  It may only be 1 day out of the year, but it is a day that dancers can come and be free.  Dance freely with no judgement.  Dance freely with no stress of being the best.  Dance freely amongst dancers with the same ambitions and drive.  Dance freely because EVERY DANCER IS AN ARTIST IN THEIR OWN WAY AND THEY DISPLAY THEIR ART THRU MUVMNT!!

Thank you for another amazing year,

Duane Calles

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