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MUVMNT DANCE DAY 2023 was an amazing day of dance, sweat, emotions, joy, challenging choreography, and UNITY!!  This years event featured 2 HEADLINERS, a Contemporary "Come Back" as well as a personal favorite Hip Hop Headliner. Local choreographers showcased Ballroom, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and Jazz Funk.  We were graced with the reunion of MUVMNT family members from previous events as well as blessed to meet new faces and welcome them to the FAMILY!  Every dancer came in with energy, enthusiasm, and ready to take on the day!  


Bethany began the day waking everyone up with her spunky Jazz Funk routine.  If anyone came in not quite awake, this routine had the dancers putting in work and sparing no time to rest!  Thank You Bethany for your support in the MUVMNT!

Second class of the day featured a new style to the MUVMNT family and stage.  Marie Rants brought her specialty of Ballroom to all in attendance.  This style was new to most however receptive and embodied for the entire 60 minutes!  Thank You Marie for your support in the MUVMNT!

Last class before our lunch break, Autumn brought her stylistic Jazz to the room.  Autumn has been connected with Art Thru Muvmnt from the very 1st event hosted, which was a charity event held for a family in the dance community!  Autumns class featured technique and MUVMNT that combined for a challenging piece.  Thank You Autumn for your support in the MUVMNT!

After lunch, the swift MUVMNT and hard hitting style of Shawns hip hop worked out everyones lunch.  Shawn has been featured on the MUVMNT stage multiple times because of the intensity she brings thru her pieces.  She did not fail to deliver!  Thank You Shawn for your support in the MUVMNT!

Next up, a pulpit turned leader and the heart of the MUVMNT family, Marquise made the drive from NY to bless us for the day.  Outside of the talent and MUVMNT that Marquise shares, his words of inspiration reaches beyond the faces of those in attendance.  It instills in the heart of all in attendance.  Thank You for your support in the MUVMNT!

First Headliner blessed us with a kick off to an emotional "comeback tour".  The "tour" commenced with a heartfelt and emotional return to the MUVMNT dance stage, where Arielle had once captivated all in attendance with her incredible contemporary piece before a life-altering car accident shook her world. The MUVMNT stage, which had once witnessed her artistry, was now witness to her triumphant return. It was a moment of profound significance, a symbolic representation of her resilience and an expression of vulnerability THRU MUVMNT!  Thank You for your support in the MUVMNT! 

Lastly, selfishly, the Hip-Hop Headliner is a personal favorite and someone that I have followed for many years.  With it being our 10th year hosting events, I knew I had to go BIG with Arielle as well as Taiwan Williams.  With a profound understanding of rhythm and dynamics, Taiwan infused his choreography with a mesmerizing array of textures, adding layers of depth to his interpretation of Chris Brown's "No Guidance." From silky transitions that glided effortlessly across the floor to sharp pops that punctuated the beats, Taiwan's choreography was a masterclass in versatility.  Thank You for your support in the MUVMNT!


The compliments of this years MUVMNT DANCE DAY makes my heart full and gives me affirmation of why we have this day!  It may only be 1 day out of the year, but it is a day that dancers can come and be free.  Dance freely with no judgement.  Dance freely with no stress of being the best.  Dance freely amongst dancers with the same ambitions and drive.  Dance freely because EVERY DANCER IS AN ARTIST IN THEIR OWN WAY AND THEY DISPLAY THEIR ART THRU MUVMNT!!

Thank you for another amazing year,

Duane Calles

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